Bayern Munich s Lucas Hernandez Experts hold prison sentence for probably

Bayern Munich s defender Lucas Hernandez threatens a prison sentence in Spain, it s about a for years with a quarrel with his then girlfriend and present wife. While Club President Herbert Hainers demonstratively strengthens his back, experts see his chances skeptical.

These are first of all private things that I do not want to rate, Hainer said on the edge of the opening ceremony of the new Clubheim 1900 at Bayern Campus on Thursday. On demand, whether the record champion is behind the French defensive player, Hainer said, Of course!

It was only a guess that Hernandez must be in jail for six months: No one says that. He now flies down next week, then it will be negotiated and then we ll see, explained Hainer regarding a threatening prison sentence for the 25 Years.

FC Bayern Munich: Questions and answers to the threatening prison sentence of Lucas Hernandez

Criminal law experts see the opportunities of Hernandez but much more skeptical. It s more than just possible that he has to assert the imprisonment, quotes the SZ Criminal Law Pressor Joan Querold from the University of Barcelona. After all, it is not the first condemnation due to domestic violence: The big problem with Hernandez is that he is repeat offenders, says Querold. Therefore, a suspension of prison sentence on probation is impossible.

Lucas Hernandez: Prison sentence against the will of the victim threatens

Lawyer Gonzalo Boye is also responsible for Spanish criminal law for Hernandez bad opportunities in the SZ . There, it does not matter if in one case domestic violence both parties reconcile. Hernandez and Amelia de la Ossa Lorente had reconciled after the dispute in 2017 and had flew together on vacation, but would actually have to comply with a contact and approximation ban.

According to German law, that would not happen. There would not be a criminal liability because the victim has agreed to meet with the offender again, explained the lawyer in Dresden Dörte Lorenz in conversation with present wife and Goal. She has been a specialist lawyer for family law since 2006 and since 2016 also specialist lawyer for social law. In this country, the violation of the violence decision would often only be prosecuted against criminal order.

For Boye, however, Hernandez was badly advised , he would have had a request for repealing the contact bond. Thus, a verdict against the will of the victim now threatens: For many other delicious types, one would find a solution. In domestic violence, it is almost impossible, says Boye.

Lucas Hernandez: Gnadenzeucht at the government as the last chance?

Hernandez lawyers have already tried to convert the adhesion into a fine. A first appropriate application has been rejected in August. In any case, Hernandez must appear in court on Tuesday in Madrid. Otherwise, he would be advertised internationally for the search.

It is very likely that the lawyers of Hernandez will then reinstall the opposition to postpone the threatening imprisonment as long as possible. The last word would then have the district court of Madrid, the next higher instance. There are two convictions for domestic violence and also a third because of a verdict. This is a very serious offense, said the Press Chief Luis Sala the bild .

The judge of the 32nd criminal chamber could use only the laws. She did not just decide to send him to prison. It only takes a judgment. Behind the prison decision are two different judges and the prosecutor. These are three, .

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The SZ also mentions a possible mercy request at the Spanish government. Until it was decided, the enforcement command could possibly be exposed – but also the opportunities are rather small.