Feature The PS4 games on which we come back again and again

We all love a brand new PlayStation to launch four-game feel, right? They have waited either until midnight to play it thanks to a digital pre-order, or you have taken care of the mailbox and pulled the shrink film immediately after delivery from the housing. This is all well and good, but what about times like these, where the release schedule is as good as dried out? The Last of Us: Part II is still more than two weeks away, and if you ve already removed your residue, it itches you may, if something is played to pass the time. Here are the replays come into play. These are the PS4 titles to which we return again and again, whether it is complete through games or just to a few hours of play to bathe in sweet nostalgia.

Sammy Barker, editor

This era of subscriptions and heavily discounted digital games has charged me with a large backlog, but I think sometimes the time, songs that I like, once more play. Shenmue was for me since my youth a constant source of entertainment. I used the Dreamcast title given year, but right now I have a semi-annual schedule, which means that I again in 2020 must return to Yokosuka, where it is possible 2020th The Remaster are always installed on my PS4.

However, sport games are my focal point and I delete them from my hard drive when the next entry arrives. MLB The Show 20 is probably my favorite; The shortened season mode from March to October is ideal for pick-up-and-play sessions while I prefer the Diamond Dynasty card collecting campaign efforts of EA Sports Ultimate Team. The ever-growing list of challenges in MUT however, means that Madden NFL 20 is a title for which I still have time. The same applies style Home of NBA 2K20 for the strangely addictive MyPlayer mode on PlayStation.

Outside the simulations I Everybody s Golf is not really enough and often take time for a trip to the links. And although I m not nearly as often play it the way I want, I have Rocket League, installed on my system since the day it was released. I doubt that I will ever remove it. I know that not all agree, but I think we re in a golden era for games. I think it s great that some of my favorites a steady content stream received – I just wish I had more time to play them all!

Robert Ramsey, assistant editor

Between the reviews I have the feeling of always having a role play on the go, even if I 3 The Witcher: Wild Hunt repeat for the thousandth time. But we all are tired of listening to roam about it, so I think it would be interesting to describe the handful of games that have always given me a reason to keep playing.

First Diablo III. I ve lost track of how many characters I ve made and how many times have I passed through the story. God knows how many hours I sunk over the years in it, but there s something about the endless grind that entertains me in any case. The same logic can be applied to Monster Hunter: World be applied, which is easily one of my favorite games of the generation. In Capcom s masterpiece, however, is less about the senseless Beutehorting but rather the mere satisfaction of flawless struggle of the title. I doubt that I will ever get enough of it.

In contrast, there are a few games where I just like to relax me. The most widespread is probably Assassins Creed Odyssey. When I played it for the first time at the start, I had no idea that it would be an evergreen experience. During the daily and weekly quests certainly an incentive to keep playing, it is actually the open world that appeals to me again and again. The card is so great that I just love to lose myself in it to look at the sights and soak up the atmosphere.

I would bet that I ve spent more time with my PS4 than any other console I ve ever owned, and this is mainly due to these evergreen games. We hope that the PlayStation 5 exceeds that.

Stephen Tailby, Associate Editor

I do not do it to me now a habit to play games again. When I was younger, I did it all the time, but started when I, every game that I wanted to buy with my big money for adults, the idea to go to a game again, went out the window. That does not mean that I ll never do it.

Only recently I played the Last of Us Remastered. It was a pleasure to familiarize me again with Joel, Ellie and the journey that you go through. With the story in my memory, I feel ready to address the continuation directly. Funny, it is not the only Naughty Dog game that I have repeated on PS4. Before the arrival of Uncharted 4: A Thief s End I played all three previous entries about the Nathan Drake Collection.

In my case, there are only a few examples of repeating games, but there s definitely one or two titles that I look pretty regular. One is Dreams, which offers me again and again something new and interesting to play. Rocket League was also a relatively constant companion during the greatest part of the PS4 life – I am not sure if I will ever get tired. After all, I sometimes like to attract Sonic Mania. Every now and then I want to be backed back to the 90s, and it delivers this nostalgia hit like nothing else.

Liam Croft, senior employee

I made it clear on the website that I am currently a good part of the way through a repetition of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. However, I rarely go back to games that I have already finished. It s certainly a rare opportunity when I do it because I always like to experience something new about a title I ve already beaten. Although I have the time to dive into the games due to the current timetable for infertile publications, in which I would like to invest more time.

And it has brought me to the idea where I should probably repeat Red Dead Redemption 2. Sure, I beat Rockstars Open-World epic as it came out at the end of 2018, but it s another title I have to experience a bit more of. I did not complete any foreign mission and hardly me to take the time to run really in a few cowboy boots. Maybe that s the next PS4 game for the repetition list.

Call of Duty: Warzone is another title that I am currently playing often, except I do not think that you really can classify that as something you play again and again due to its Battle Royale nature. If I had connected a PlayStation console with downward compatibility features to my TV, I always played a bit of Metal Gear Solid a few times a year. I never had the need to end the whole game here and there, but it s always nice to immerse yourself here and there in your favorite game of all time. I hope I can do that again with the PS5. I know, I know it will not happen.

Is there a specific PS4 game that you always like to play? Which title would you like to return to the near future? Share your thoughts in the comments below.