Animal Crossing Direct All news announced for the new great update

This Friday, October 15, 2021, the expected Animal Crossing New Horizons Direct took place. With a duration of 20 minutes, it was the opportunity to know about the future great news that will be implemented in the game as of November . It will be officially the last free update of the Nintendo game.

When will the great update of Animal Crossing be available?

November 5, 2021 You can download the massive patch directly into Nintendo Switch. Remember: it s completely free.

Alpiste arrives at the museum with your coffee

We already know it about previous licenses, the Alpiste is back, as we imagined. The live did not show the fact that we can work there by delivering coffee to the inhabitants but you can gather inhabitants and special characters to share a good time together.

Joe s Island is growing!

In Hippy Island, a variety of new activities and special characters will be accessed and will be settled there as it progresses.

A cooking system!

The players had asked him even before he was launched Animal Crossing New Horizons and then they forgot a little. In the end, Nintendo has revealed with great surprise the arrival of a whole cooking system. It will be possible to cultivate ingredients (carrots, tomatoes, wheat, potatoes, etc.) and prepare good meals thanks to craftsmanship.

Admiral and mysterious islands

Starting with the Admiral Boat, you can explore new islands with different seasons, climates and hours of the day.

New inhabitants!

Alle EVENTS, INSEKTEN & FISCHE im NOVEMBER » Animal Crossing New Horizons ????

This was to be expected since Nintendo announced the launch of a new series of Amiibo cards. We still do not know how many there are in total but it seems that they are about thirty new villagers.

Giroscopes come back!

Do you see the wooden man who dies bell for you to build your bridges and other ramps? It is a Giroid, an iconic live object of the Crossing animal license. In previous games, it was possible to unearth them and collect them because they come in all shapes and colors. Better yet: Each Giroide emits a specific sound.

The other news

Very complete, the Direct presented many other news, some of which are hidden in the images:

In the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, you can do aerobics sessions with your favorite inhabitants,
A new professional camera to take better photos,
New music from Totakeke,
Extension of the storage space up to 5000 places,
A lot of new furniture,
New hairstyles
New modifications to the building in Nook;
New barriers and possibility to put more ramps and bridges than before,
New facial expressions,
The inhabitants can now make surprise visits to your home,
The possibility of placing stairs on the cliffs to facilitate access,
The possibility of being able to move between the furniture although the space is not broad enough,

Road to a payment DLC

And if all these free news are not enough, Nintendo has planned a DLC of content content dedicated entirely to the decoration. If you remember the Game Happy Home Designer in Nintendo 3DS, the DLC called Happy Home Paradise will offer you more or less the same (and better obviously). You will also be available on November 5 and you can reserve it from October 29. It will cost you € 24.99.

If you have missed the event, we have the solution. Here is the link to live repetition: