FIFA 22 Tips How to run all skill

Although it is always nice to run his opponents in FIFA 22 and overlap, but sometimes they just want to stylile them. Skill Moves are particularly useful in this regard and are executed with different input keys. Like last year, they are divided into different star categories, from 1 star to 5 stars, depending on the complexity and difficulty of execution. There are over a total of 120 skill moves, so look at the Nielzen Guide at the bottom of YouTube to learn more about how to perform them all.

Here are all the different skill moves based on their star rating:

1 star skill movements

Balljonglage (standing)
Bridge craft
Setup touch
Fake shot variant
Dummy fake shot (standing)
Agile dribbling
Cruyff turn
Blow to top for volley
Fake shot
Open fake recording
Fake Shot Stop
Unusual hat film
Punishment dribble
Directional nutmeg

2 Star Skill Moves

Inverted Stepover
Step over
Pull back
Pull back Exit
Fint forward and turn
Body Finte
Ball role

3-star skill movements

Heel on heel
Side heel to heel
Very flick
Heel hacks (running)
Fint and exit

4-star skill movements

Stop and turn (Berbatov Spin)
Ball Roll Chop
Ball roll cut (standing)
Simple rainbow film
The spin
Flair roulette
Pull to pull
Double-Touch Spin (standing)
Fake pass (standing)
Pull back spin
Ball hopping (standing)
Very up to very flick
Four-touch turn
Experienced bridge
Three-touch roulette
Neymar Stepover output (standing)
Shovel rotation (standing)
Fancy Flick Up (standing)
Running flick up
Output Fake Pass (Standing)
Quick Ball Rolls (standing)
Pull the heel
La Croqueta

5 Star Skill Moves

Turn first
Alternative Elastico Chop
Unusual withdrawal (standing)
Waka Waka
Run Scoop Turn
Advanced Rainbow Flick
Ball roll and flick
Hokus Pokus
Elastic chop
Heel flick turn
Scoop turn fake
Double-touch-exit (standing)
Alternative Double Touch Output (Standing)
Ball Roll Fake Turn
Okocha Flick Hat
Rubber band
Reverse Elastic
Triple elastic
Has flick withdraw
Shoelace fold up (standing)
Malouda Flick Up (standing)
Flick Hat (standing)
Turning and turning (McGeady Spin)
Spin Flick (Bolasie Flick)
The tornado
Ball Roll Fake (standing)
Running Okocha Flick has
Draw withdrawal
Rabona Fake (Jogging)
Ball Roll has flick

5 Star Skill Moves (Juggling)

Around the world
Reverse Toe Bounce
Neymar Rainbow Flick
In Air Rainbow Flick
Lemmen around the world
Swipe hat backwards
T. around the world
Reverse in air elastico
In Air Elastico
Blow to top for volley

However, think about it – you do not have to remember everyone. Choose some who are best suited for you and your style of play, but do not forget to confuse you back and then to advise your opponents.

All items transmitted from FIFA 21 to 22

If you have played enough FIFA 21, you can transfer fever items and other things like FIFA Points in FIFA 22. Unfortunately, these are no cards, coins, unopened packs, their game history, FUT Club data, successes / trophies or career progress. Players, managers and contracts are also not transferred, as little as non-assigned items.

The most important first, load FIFA 22 on the platform of your choice that should be the same platform on which you have played FIFA 21. You will be informed that your data can be transferred and confirmed. Data can not be transferred between different platforms, therefore no transmission of Xbox to PlayStation. This also applies if you try to play on the PC and then switch to Xbox or PlayStation. So think about it.

FIFA 22 is currently available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5 and PC (with a Legacy Edition on Nintendo Switch). Take a look at our review here.