Age of Ashes Devs delays the launch to avoid the frenzy of Battlefield 2042

Century: Age of Ashes has just been delayed, as Playwing Ltd has confirmed. The multiplayer dragon battle game was announced for the first time last year and was originally planned for a launch date on November 18 of this year. However, the release delay of Battlefield 2042 pushed its developers to move the official launch of the game even later this year.

The last week, we learned that one of the most anticipated games of the year postponed its launch one day after our expected release date, Century: Developers from Age of Ashes wrote on the networks Social. In consequence, we decided to postpone the launch of Century: Age of Ashes on December 2, 2021, to give it space .

When video games are delayed, it s often because the developers have exceeded the calendar or simply need more time to sharpen before sending the final product. Sometimes the launch delay can be attributed to a last minute discovery of a bad bug. Overall, however, it is simply that the game is not at the level where developers wish to formally give it to the public waiting.

For Century: Age of Ashes, it seems that the developers are simply concerned about the timing of the game. Battlefield 2042, which EA originally planned for October 22, was postponed to November 19, which is only one Day after the exit date of Century: Age of Ashes. Having the launch dates so close to it will not be a good thing for the latter, since it is not yet a well-known game and that it will attempt to make its brand in the industry during the period The most responsible for the year for the players community.

It is somewhat unusual for developers to admit they have decided to delay a game just because they do not want their product to be demolished by a bigger and better known title. However, it is not entirely unprecedented. Last year, The Medium, a major patch of Path of Exile, and Everspace 2 all pushed their brakes to make room for cyberpunk 2077 compressor roller.

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