Assassin s Creed Valhalla Next Event Lakes and it is reminiscent of The Witcher 3

The last update to Assassin s Creed: Valhalla is not so long ago and brought among other things to the game. Thanks to a DataMiner, we already know what we expect in a few weeks when Ubisoft starts the next event.

The wild hunt comes: Hacker Padder found in the code of Valhalla a whole list of information about the upcoming title update. This is all about the Oskorei Fest, better known as the wild hunt, which you may already know from The Witcher 3. Start of the events could be the 12th of October, but officially nothing is there.

This offers the Wild Hunting Event in Valhalla

In Nordic mythology, the wild hunt has a slightly different meaning than in other parts of Europe. This is an excerpt of the gods from Asgard. With Odin at the top, make the Asen properly trouble. You expect storms and catastrophes that you have to survive in the course of the event.

There is doing that: egg gets some new quests that turn around the wild hunt. Among other things, we will honor the dead, to the underworld, find Odin s runes and protect Ravensthorpe / Hraefnathorp against the gods. But it does not seem to be a direct discussion with Odin and the Asen.

Otherwise, some well-known activities return. Underneath the archery and a tournament system. Overall, the OdensJAKT seems to be more interesting than many other festival in Valhalla.

Waving these bonuses: While we fulfill the missions, ebor obviously learns new moves when he / she is on a horse. Other Goodies include a scythe, armor, a skin for your ravens and new features for beard and hairstyle.

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Youtuber Andyreloads shared the leaks in a video:

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Discovery tour comes for Valhalla

But this is not up for October. On the 19th, Ubisoft publishes the discovery tour for Assassin s Creed: Valhalla, known from the predecessors. This should bring you closer to the age of the Vikings, without battles and Game Over. Who owns Valhalla gets the exploration mode delivered free of charge. But there will also be an independent version for which you must then pay.

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