Vigilance 2099 Not too much promise developers pull teaches from Cyberpunk 2077

With Vigilance 2099 , the independent developer studio Envoidant Studio currently creates a new Cyberpunk adventure for the consoles in the PC.

Due to the commercial success and technical problems with which cyberpunk 2077 to struggle for the launch, especially on the consoles, developers of cyberpunk titles must usually have a comparison with the large work from the house CD project. Thus, the developers of Envoidant Studios, which, according to their own data, as other studios have drawn appropriate teachings from the launch debacle of Cyberpunk 2077 .

Developers should renounce too big promises

Nas Nakarus, the senior developers behind Vigilance 2099 , expressed themselves as follows: I enjoyed cyberpunk 2077 very much, but I can not ignore that their start, least, was chaotic. We have learned that we should be careful not to promise too much to ensure that all have fun and should avoid overflowing something we believe that it is not yet ready for the public.

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We focus on making this game a game that has made us developers absolutely fun, so that the players can feel the passion that states in it! , Conducted the senior developer behind the Cyberpunk title.

When Vigilance 2099 is to be published in the end, is currently unclear.

Source: Gamingbolt

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