PS5 New Update Brings SSD Support 3D

While the delivery difficulties from semiconductor chips, the contaminated production and scalper with bots make the search for a PlayStation 5 still to make a true schnitzel hunt, Sony works to offer the happy console owners to continue to offer a good experience. To ensure that, the next big update follows.

And that has some nice features in the luggage. In addition to the official activation of the memory expansion announced some time ago, thanks to M.2 SSDs, as well as the support of 3D audio for television speakers, the menu of the PlayStation also gets a few fresh functions.

More options in the PlayStation menu

The beginning make some nice innovations for the PS5 menu (Buy Now). You can now personalize your Control Center for free and not only decide which functions you receive, but also in what order. In addition, the Game Base has been expanded. There you can now show you directly messages and answer these answers.

If you completely call the Game Base, you will now also see which your friends are online, offline or busy. So you always know who just has time for a round multiplayer fun. In addition, there is now in the home screen by a corresponding symbol in the game between PS4 and PS5 versions and the ScreenReader can be paused or retrieved.

New online services and trophies trackers

If you use PlayStation NOW to stream games, you should also look forward to the new update. Depending on the title, you can switch between 720p and 1080p, so some games now flicker on the screen.

With the leader emblem, a new award for online players has added itself and the trophy tracker has been expanded so that you can now access five trophies of a title via the Control Center.

Also TV speakers can now use 3D audio

Who puts the sound when playing especially at the heart, now also gets great on the ears without a headphone. Because with the new update even the integrated speakers of your flickerist 3D audio should be able to use.

To do this, you use the dualSense controller to measure your room so that the PS5 can customize the audio experience to your room. So you can enjoy a three-dimensional sound experience without having to buy a suitable headset.

More storage thanks to compatible M.2-SSD

The feature about which most players are likely to be glad is the now available storage extension thanks to compatible M.2 SSD. Not only do you have more space for games and applications, but you can also move it together between the SSD and the memory of the console.

The whole thing is not a rocket science, but a bit of prior knowledge but still needs it. Because not every SSD is also compatible with the PS5 and has the appropriate size as well as the necessary cooling system. In this article, you will find more information about memory expansion. Sony also has a step-by-step instructions for installing the SSD on the official site.

An extended app experience

Also, the possibilities on your smartphones wants to improve Sony with the update. With the PS Remote Play app, you can now no longer control games via WLAN, but also use your mobile data. If you are not infinitely available, you can also download video quality to save data.

In addition, you can follow next Thursday, that is the 23rd of September, with the PS app screen transfers with your friends together. A small treat was also there for those who own both a PS4 and a PS5. On the predecessor console you can now examine your PS5 trophies.

The update should go live tomorrow, on 15 September, live. Do the innovations comply with your expectations or is still missing an important feature for you? Which of the new features do you like best? Correspread us your opinion in the comments.

Source: Sony

From Jonas Höger
14.09.2021 at 17:55