Into The Echo New Etlok studio which promises uniqueness

Before you, the new Etlok studio Into the Echo . From the new Etlok studio, we do not know about anything except that it is in Tornoto. The title itself also does not know much outside the short trailer and descriptions on the site.

Players will go to the planet called Raava . The last century was in the unknown way of violated, so the inhabitants of this planet need courageous daredevils, heroes who survive them. This title is to offer a new look at the gameplay, focused around traveling in time, but of course there will be typical PVE, PVP activity, crafting, etc.

Developers from Etlok promise to provide us Etlok studio with a unique progressing system, focused more around the community than playing alone. I wonder what will come out of it.

Echo Of Soul in 2021
We do not know the dates of the premiere, but if you are curious and you want to follow the progress of the creators, then stick to their website, you will also find entries to pre-alpha. Below the promised trailer and a link here.