Century Imperial 4 open technology stress test this week can play four civilizations such as British and China

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After the closed test last month, the Century Imperial 4 announced that it will open the technical pressure test this week, and each Steam user has the opportunity to participate, and the time is from 1 am to September in Taiwan. At 1 am on the 20th.

This time is mainly to test the strength of the server and the system, so in order to invite the players to join, this time will not be required. However, it is necessary to reach the minimum equipped specification of the ride. When participating in the test, the pressure test will have additional software automatically detect your equipped with the standard.

This can play projects are concentrated in multi-person connection experiences, players can make a self-definition multi-pressure test and ai pressure test, or the newbie teaching task, of course, it is best to fight with others, let the official get more data, Let the pressure test are more perfect.

This test will be able to play the British, China, the Holy Roman Empire and the Apage Dynasty Dynasty, and five maps can be selected.

Currently, the TECHNCAL STRESS TEST test has already appeared on the Xbox Insider Hub and Steam, press and wait for email notification.

Century Imperial 4 will be launched in Windows 10 store on October 28th. Steam is launched with Xbox pressure test Pass for PC.