God of was Ragnarok heralds the end of the Nordic Saga

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Norse Mythology Expert Reacts to God of War

The highlights of the PlayStation Showcases yesterday counted the PS4 and PS5 game God of War: Ragnarok. In a reveeal trailer there was first time gameplay material to see the game. Thus, the fight of Kratos with the Nordic gods and his relationship with sonemann Atreus will also play a great role in the coming God of War part.

Game Director Eric Williams, who replaces the former Director Cory Barlog, commented on the image material shown during the showcase and gave on the Playstation Blog aware of some exciting details about the action title.

Visit all nine worlds as long as you can

In the last God of was it was only possible to visit six of the nine worlds of Nordic mythology. The three worlds of Vanaheim, Svartalfheim and Asgard were unfortunately sealed and could not be entered by us.

will be in God of War: Ragnarok all worlds be eligible? In the successor this will be different, because here all nine worlds should be explored by us. So we can look forward to deep jungles and intricate mine bays we will visit.

But the joy is not of a long duration: As Williams mentions, the Apocalyptian event Ragnarok will take place in the naming title. The event heralds the end of the gods of Nordic mythology:

You can not call the game Ragnarok without having to happen. It will happen in the game, we will complete the Nordic series with it.

Therefore, Nordic mythology is completed and no topic will be more in the subsequent God of War title. Williams not yet revealed which setting for the subsequent God of was considered. Thus, we probably have to wait into which treads there is Kratos and Atreus next.

Who wants to convince from God of: Ragnarok can make up for the trailer from the PS5 Showcase here:

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Cory Barlog works on fantasy game

The exchange of the previous Director Cory Barlog by the Eric Williams already linked with the God of War series does not random. The developer studio Sony Santa Monica is currently working on a title with fantasy setting, where Barlog now takes over the line. But until we learn new things for this game, time will pass, because the game should still be in an early stage of development.

Accordingly, we can first focus on God of: Ragnarok. However, the title still has no accurate released date. We know so far only that the game will no longer appear in 2021. God of War: Ragnarok will appear for PS4 and PS5, but there will be no free PS5 upgrade for buyers inside the PS4 version.

What kind of setting would you wish from the new God of Was, after Ragnarok has now initiated the end of Nordic mythology?