God of War Ragnarok will be the last of Nordic mythology and will have a flat sequence as the first

We continue with things about God of War Ragnarok that you are going to want to know for the launch of one of the most expected games for the catalog of PlayStation . As we know, the game will reach PS4 and PS5.

After the publication of the first Gameplay trailer of this sequel, we have known any other new detail of the mouth play of its developers. For example, that Cory Barlog will not be the director of this new adventure and gives the witness to Eric Williams, who has spoken about the future with surprising statements.

In a later interview of the PlayStation Showcase event, Williams clearly said that the title of God of War Ragnarok is put on something, and that means that it will be the last delivery of the saga based on Nordic mythology. You can not call the Gad of War game: Ragnarok and not have Ragnarok in the game. Let’s culminate the Nordic series with this game .

It is something that he has caught as long as many users, who were assumed that he was granted as a trilogy, and that in this installment we would face Thor for, in a third, we will face Odin . We will see how the adventure resolves. So, if you are passionate about Scandinavian mythology, you will have to squeeze this game as much as possible.

On the other hand, with the change of direction some users wondered if it was going to keep the sequence of the original game, which was one of the numerous reasons why he received a lot of alliances. To that, he has responded positively Matt Sophos, narrative director of God of War Ragnarok .

GOD OF WAR RAGNAROK launch date is still not defined but it is expected to reach by 2022 to PS4 and PS5. In the following report we tell you everything about the characters and theories of what can happen in the game. Do not miss it!