Gravity Ragnarok Bigu Domestic test

[Eye News 24 Municipal Journal] Gravity announced on the 8th that he finished the domestic private test (CBT) of PC Online Games ‘Ragnarok Bigzu’. Ragnarok Beginz is a large multi-neuro role using the ‘Ragnarok’ intellectual property (IP), MMORPG (MMORPG). We have conducted CBT for 7 days for domestic users from the last day to 7 days. This game implements the transverse scrolling method and the non-targeting action, and it is characterized by graphics that inherited the original. Here, the Ragnaroki was different from the Lagra Rock Online to the Lagranoque online through local characters and the La Granarok Biguvol. I was able to successfully complete the CBT for many users to participate, he said. I will actively reflect the opinions that are left in the survey and community.