The creator of God of War says that Ragnarok could last 40 hours

One of the original creators behind God of War franchise has revealed that the next entry in the series, unofficially called Dios of war: Ragnarok by many fans, could last up to 40 hours. While this would prove to be a much longer game compared to its predecessor, it is not clear whether this alleged duration will be strictly linked to the main narrative or if it could be the time it takes to complete each task in the sequel instead.

Word about this potential duration of the game for Dios of war: Ragnarok comes through David Jaffe, who was the director of the original Dios of guerra and its first sequel. Although Jaffe no longer works for PlayStation or Santa Monica Studio, he said people with knowledge about the upcoming PS4 and PS5 title would have said it could have a much longer life compared to delivering 2018. I heard from people who know that game lasts 40 hours. Your goal is 40 hours of play, Jaffe said in a new video on personal YouTube channel it. Now I do not know if that’s a platinum trophy to 100 percent or if average game time, he continued emphasis.

Regardless of what it may seem true if Dios of war: Ragnarok somehow ended up lasting within the scope of 40 hours it would definitely be much longer compared to the last exit Santa Monica Studio. According to how long beat, a website that tracks the duration of the game, 2018 Dios of guerra Most players took about 21 hours on average to complete the main story, and completion of any additional tasks it took that time to about 32 hours. So even if a completist run Dios of war: Ragnarok is what ended up taking 40 hours in total it would still be a much bigger game compared with the previous title.


At this time, we have not seen any game or actual footage of Dios of war: Ragnarok yet. However, it is rumored that the PlayStation Showcase next week will highlight the 2022 title in a major way. As such, be sure to watch our coverage here at ComicBook.com in the coming days if you want to see more than you have in store next game God of War.

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