Oreo announces collaboration with Pok mon

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It seems that Krispy Kreme will not be the only sweet dessert company that will be responsible for celebrating the 25th anniversary of Pokémon. Today, September 8, unexpectedly Has been announced that pocket monsters can now be found in cookiesoreo.

Through a very interesting trailer, which shows us animation that seems to be pixel art, but in reality they are oreos, we can see a young trainer trying to capture a pikachu. This collaboration will not offer a new taste for dessert, but The image of 16 Pokémon in total will be recorded in the cookies.

The collaboration between Pokémon and Oreo is now available, and You can find packages in stores, as well as Enoreo.com. At the moment, it seems that this promotion will not have a regional limit, so it is only a matter of time Before you see these cookies in your nearest supermarket.

On related topics, the new Pokémon movie will come to Netflix next month. Similarly, here we tell you more about the collaboration between Krispy Kreme and Pokémon.

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Via: Oreo.