Kickstarter of videogame manuals comes to an end after several legal problems

Do you remember when videogames still included physical manuals inside each copy? Many of us miss that, and to remedy it, the artist Philip Summers launched a campaign in kickstarter with which he sought to offer these handmade manuals for different titles. Sadly, the project has come to an end due to several legal problems.

Via Twitter , Summers Announced that a video game company contacted him to finish the project. To ignore it, the artist could get into serious legal problems. Because many of the manuals were for Nintendo games, many believe that it was Great N who sent said request, but Summers clarifies that he never said that.

I end up with the campaign. Never mention any company. The project did not receive a cessation and desistence. There will be a conversation between both parties. The company involved has been very friendly and I hope to solve it. They have all the right to behave as they did.

I Shut The Campaign Down. I Never Mentioned Which Company. This Project Did Not Get A Cease and Desist. There Will Be A Conversation Between Parties. The Party Involved Has Been Polite and I’m Hopeful Something Can Get Worked Out. They Have Every Right to ACT As They Arey Are. https://t.co/tbtyk2g3nx.

  • Philip Summers (@heyphilsummers) September 6, 2021

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Out of Nintendo , it is difficult to think of any other company that could have contacted him, but for legal reasons, he imagined that Summers preferred to keep anonymous information.

The sad thing about the matter is that this project had already exceeded the goal established in the kickstarter, and in fact, it is still possible to see the details about this project through the following link.

Via: Nintendo Life