OverVATCH 2 Note to further release delay

The announcement of “Overwatch 2” took place almost two years ago. But it seems that the market launch can also be waiting for a while.

The insider Metro, who formerly produced Leaks to continue the shooter, spoke with “several people”, which are close to the “original source”. They should have revealed that the launch of “Overlatch 2″ is longer than expected. In the coming year, it will probably not come to the publication.

2022er launch “not more likely”

The statement of metro in the wording : “I have heard of several people close to my original source for OW2, the development lasts longer than expected. As far as I know, a publication in 2022 does not seem to be likely. I hope this is wrong and I can prove the opposite. “

One solid confirmation is certainly not the statements of Metro. But cover themselves with his former statement in which it was said that the development “really slow” progresses.

Activision Blizzard also indicated that “Overlatch 2” as well as “Diablo 4” will not be launched in the foreseeable future. Against this background, it is still possible that “Overlatch 2” goes through a closed beta in 2022, similar to the current game undergoing a rather long test phase before publishing.

But why does it take so long? In a speech on the most recent BlizzConline panel to “Owatch 2”, the Game Director Jeff Kaplan emphasized that Blizzard takes time to publish something that is considered as a “worthy successor of the first game” and as a “true sequel” can be.

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Once announced “OverVATCH 2” for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Due to the later publication, it can be assumed that the new consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X / S will take a higher priority. More about “Overlatch 2” Learn in our topic overview.

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