Magic The Gathering Check out an exclusive preview card for the new Set InNistrad Midnight Hunt

A new set for the Magic the Gathering collectible card game will be launched on September 24, 2021. The name of the new set is Innistrad: Midnight Hunt and takes place in the world of Gothic terror of Innistrad. In cooperation with Wizards of the coasts, Innistrad presents a new preview card from next set for the first time around the world.

What kind of card is that? Magic the Gathering is already the most complex game in the world and is now growing even more. A new set of letters in the form of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt appears.

We present one of the new cards here as a world exclusive. The pantry zombie is a new zombie letter by a blue mana. The text of your card says:

Touch three straightened creatures that you control: look at the top letter of your library. You can put them in your cemetery.

Here you can see the new map:

Reinforcements for the covers of your cemetery

What can the card do? As a letter of 1/3 for a manna, the pantry zombie is a solid defender. The text of the card is what makes it interesting.

With its zombie quality and its special effect, the letter fits perfectly on the Innistrad scenario. These are living dead, vampires and wolf men, strange experiments and, in general, terror. The pantry zombie has two functions:

  • Clarivity 1 (SCRY 1): You can look at the top letter of your deck
  • The view card can be sent to the cemetery.

Where is the best use of the card? This makes the zombie especially suitable for black / blue cemetery covers that are based on invoking invocations and spells directly from the cemetery. This may be useful for saving costs, for example.

As a zombie, the letter also has synergies with other letters, which also fit well in the archetypes of the deck. There will probably be a series of new variants of this with Innistrad.

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Innistrad – The world of terror

What kind of set is that? Like the 89th Set of Magic, Innistrad: Midnight Hunt expands the already huge collection of the game with another 277 new cards. Innistrad itself was introduced in 2011 with the whole name of the same name.

The world is full of wolf, vampires, living dead and dubious scientists who are a little oriented to models like Frankenstein. Consequently, the letters revolve around the game of transformations, sacrifices and cemeteries. You can find three exclusive disclosures more in our sister sites:

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However, since the protector of the place, the Archangel Avacyn, died in Magic’s story, people now have to help themselves, according to Wizards of the Coast with older and possibly darker magic forms.

The set will be launched physically on September 24.