Release Forest Lowest Survival Horror Darkwood Domestic PS4 Switch Edition Release

Japan’s one software has released the Survival Horror Action Darkwood of the ACID Wizard Studio Development. During the domestic PS4 / Nintendose switch. This work is officially released in 2017 for Windows / Mac / Linux from Acid Wizard Studio, and in 2019, CRUNCHING KOALAS Survival horror action released for Xbox One and overseas PS4 / Nintendose switches. In a randomly generated forest, we will repeat the night to protect yourself at day and base where you are searching for supplies. We will proceed with the story in the forest that you may meet with the disgusting person, but there are elements such as craft elements that create weapons and tools with collected supplies, and the factors that earn skills by injecting the essence of animals and plants. . Darkwood Domestic PS4 / Nintendose switch is being delivered for 1,650 yen.