New PC MMORPG with 12 classes shows Gameplay immediately awakens memories of earlier

In South Korea, the beta is started to Ragnarok Begins. This is a new MMORPG for the PC, which plays in front of the history of Ragnarok online. For fans of this old MMORPG, the pictures shown are a true nostalgia trip.

What is this for a game? Ragnarok Begins is the latest part of the game series, which has already produced a few MMORPGs. However, this particular case is a side scroller, which means that you move you primarily to the right or left and follow your camera for your character.

Otherwise, you can expect the usual MMORPG content, including:

  • 4 basic classes that each have 3 different specializations
  • A non-target combat system
  • Different quests, successes and dungeons
  • 6v6 arena-pvp
  • Guilds to group with other players
  • A colorful world in which fans of Ragnarok are now comfortable

Ragnarok Begins is one of 3 new MMORPGs that appear 2021 to the Ragnarok franchise.

What happened now? On September 1, the Closed Beta started in Korea. Accordingly, you will find a lot of gameplay around the game on YouTube. So if you have thrown an eye on Ragnarok Begins, you can look closer to the latest part.

We have already integrated a video from the Youtuber Wandering Star for you:

12 different classes and lots of nostalgia

What has it with the classes on themselves? Ragnarok Begins relies on an interesting class system. At the beginning you select a main class. To choose from:

  • Swords
  • Archer
  • Magician
  • Pupils (Acolyte)

Each of these classes can be played until the end or replaced by one of two other specializations. So you can play magicians, elementary magicians or summoners when you chose the Magier class at first.

Why does Nostalgia play a big role? Ragnarok Online is an MMORPG, which was published in 2002 and was successful worldwide. In 2005, at least 500,000 players from Europe have been registered for the game (via Gravity) and for many it was the first MMORPG at all.

According to nostalgic you remember the old times.

The original version was set in 2018 for data protection reasons. However, there is a European version of 4 games and some private servers, which will continue to live the game with us.

With Ragnarok Begins could come a new PC MMORPG that fills this gap from that time.

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Release of Ragnarok Begins still 2021 in Korea

When is Ragnarok Begins? The MMORPG should appear in Korea in the second half of 2021. Whether and when it comes to us has so far uncertain.

The developer Gravity only revealed that they want to provide 2021 other countries with games to Ragnarok. However, if Ragnarok Begins counts and whether we count in Europe to these countries is unknown.

What do you say about the plans of Gravity? Do you want a new Ragnarok MMOPrg for the PC?