Too jealous Century Imperial 4 team considers the invincible AI

Be careful! Century Impire 4 (Age of Empires 4) Considering the establishment of an invincible AI army.

According to _ foreign media Kotaku Australia Sub-station _ report, Century Imperial 4 Development Team World’s Edge Creative Director Adam Isgreen Founded in the recent interview in recent interviews, there is always the idea that I want to create ruthless AI.

Such inspiration comes from the Fighting Killer Killer Instinct Shadow A, which allows the AI ​​to learn players, and AI will also become strong.

This is the starting point, the Century Imperial 4 team has used machine learning training Ai, but only after the Killer is officially launched, it is likely to have a more fierce AI.

IsGreen emphasizes team consideration to join a stronger AI, continuously study with the majority of players, and finally reach the uncomfortable realm, and then supplementing them will use the killer ability 2.

At the beginning, Killer 2 AI can learn the Teabag ridicule movement in the player’s body (Teabag or squat, is a BM, shooting Killer behavior).

An example of Killer 2 success, isGreen believes that it can also be applied in the instant strategy type Killer.

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Players who don’t want to be overlooked by computer don’t worry, isgreen and duffy indicate that Century Imperial 4 will come with storytelling, which will remove most of the failure conditions of the single battle, so that the Killer is more friendly.

Century Imperial 4 will launch the PC version on October 28 and will join the Xbox Killer Pass lineup on the listing of the listing.

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