Psychonauts 2 Tips for Schnitzel Hunt

In Psychonauts 2 all 16 items of the Schnitzel hunt find: Tips for all locations. Just like in its predecessor, the outstanding continuation also offers a scavenger Hunt. The side quest will receive you from Norma shortly after you start your intern career. The reward for all 16 items is simple: Raz gets his clothes from the rest of the trainees. Some of the items are surrounded with a blue glowing aura, but not others.

The following list finds your tips on all Schnitzeljagd Items in Psychonauts 2 (Buy Now 69.99 €). We also attach our test to psychonauts 2 to the heart. Here you will learn all the strengths and weaknesses of the fantastic continuation of the Double Fine classic. By the way: if your Xbox owner is with Game Pass Subscription, you play both games without additional costs in the course of the subscription.

Psychonauts 2 Schnitzel Hunt: Tips for the locations of all 16 items

The following items are concerned to complete the scavenger hunt. In the menu of the side quests you will receive an overview of all items and may understand which items you have already collected.

LaserDisc for agent instruct

Psychonauts 2 tips – all 16 locations of the Schnitzel hunt at a glance (2) Source: PC Games in Otto’s workshop behind his desk you get into the rest of the lab. You can see a narrow hall with electrified floor. Just roll over with your ball.

outtronaut ice cream

As soon as you are in the nerve center, you look at the computer. You start on the screen, the green lights up. Then another screen lights up green. As soon as you have folded all the computers, you grab the ice cream.

beehive in the form of my mobile phone

Behind Cassies hive you will find the item. Behind the second Smoker near the hive you will find it.

Can of corn

In the cave of Sassclops after the campsite you will find a second campfire. As with the not exploded Bombe, you ignite the fire and let yourself be worn up to the top edge.

Days Old Sushi

In the Noodle Bowl Cafeteria of the central link on the buffet the luminous item.


Go to the BowlingCenter and yokes bowling balls using telekinese on the tracks until the item falls out.

Enemy monitoring device

After receiving the Cassie archetype skill, you collect the last items. She returns to the classroom of the headquarters. Here you can use the artefact camp where you have initially lost your clothes. Burns the poster away and you get into the brief camp. You see here a door with mailbox slot. Uses the archetyp-skill here to enter the room behind it. Here you collect the item.

Human skull

Psychonauts 2 Tips – All 16 Locations of Schnitzel Hunt At Overview (3) Source: PC Games At Fierro Cable Car There are missing three gears that collect from the environment by means of telekinese and attached to the engine. As soon as you drive up, the other train opposes you and bring the item with you. Just jump over.

Mini murderer insect robot

In the house on the river at Green Needle Gulch you will find a ladder that leads to the second floor. You find a few branches that block a passage. The branches ignite and take the passage. On the left side jumps to the item.

Psychonautical name tag

In the central office in the agent wing at the door to Millas room you will find the name tag


In the dinner of the questionable area you will find a door with mailbox slot. Here you use the Archetype skill again to reach the item.

Pistanium knife

As soon as you reach the quarry, you keep right from the entrance. Behind the tube to the second floor you see a few rectangular rocks. You cross this to the cave on the other side. It hops at the side of the platforms on the side to sank the item.

Signed specimen of Geistswwarm

Talk to Cassie in your bee swarm and asks you to an autograph on RAZ ‘issue of Mindswarm. Similar to the name tag there is no mark here.


At the mill in the questionable area you use the time bubble, which slows down the time at the Mühlrad. Then let yourself carry on the roof. At the top of the roof you will find the Beil. Attention, the roof is slippery. Here you just try several times.

Non-exploded bomb

On the way to the questionable area you will find a campfire. It ignites with pyrokineesis and uses the inflowing air to let you move up. Up, you will find the not exploded bomb.

Viking helmet

On the way to Cassies hive in the gorge, your Helmut’s Stage reaches. Left leads you the way behind Helmut’s van, where you can find the helmet. At night, the path is initially bad to see.

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