Hoa The picturesque puzzle adventure has begun

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On 24 or 25 August 2021, Scrollcat Studio, Kyx Studio and the PM Studios have released the 2D puzzle platformer Hoa for PC, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch. On Gog and Steam, where the user reviews are up to date very positive, a launch discount of 14 or 15 percent is granted to the regular retail price of 12.49 euros, via PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store and Eshop will be 14 each , 99 euros due.

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In the game description it is: _ Hoa is a beautiful puzzle platform with breathtaking hand drawn graphics, fantastic music and a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere. Experience the magic of nature and the imagination when you return the Hero Hoa on your journey through beautiful environments there Accompanying where everything started. _

As features are mentioned:

  • Atbettering hand drawn graphics – through a lively painting and explore a huge world full of beautiful hand-drawn landscapes .
  • Undeller Soundtrack – The great, music composed specially for the game and live-recorded music makes the world of Hoa really alive and conveys a sweet touch of nostalgia.
  • Ential beings – keep a look for delightful magical beings. Most are friendly to you, and some may even have one or the other story to tell. You will be guaranteed to close your heart.
  • ENTSTANTS and exciting at the same time – go with guards eyes through the world and dissolve puzzles when exploring. The story is called subtle, unfolds organic and fascinated by countless little miracles. Be a child: It’s easier and harder than you think.

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