The Ghibli Hoa inspired puzzle platform game is now available

Those who have a weakness for the artistic style of Studio Ghibli may want to configure their sites on a brand new version! Hoa promises a relaxing and breathtaking experience with beautiful art and imaginative history. His world is painted by hand and the benefits are obvious – the game is absolutely beautiful and the modified scale of the world adds a charm reminiscent of Ori and the blind forest.

The game is made known by encouraging this fanciful atmosphere, asking players to enter a more childish head space. The wonders found even in the smallest parts of the world seem to be at the heart of HOA’s identity, and it’s easy to see how themes like this can bring the player into a more carefree spirit.

In their dedication to the project, Skrollkat Studios published a statement showing how much Hoa counts for them:

Hello! We still can not believe Hoa finally arrives in the world. The game is out, which means that the joy and pleasure we had with this project now belong to everyone. Just like that, it’s already for us a huge happiness, a dream come true. We hope nothing more for our little game than it is a nice little thing that warms the heart. For having followed the little steps of HOA since its inception, for coming from the bottom of the heart with our little character in his little adventure: Thanci.

HOA is available in digital and physical versions for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as PC version via Steam. Physical versions are a bit more expensive, 40 USD (as opposed to a digital version at USD 15), but for this additional price, you also get the original band of the game and a special postcard, with a message from Hoa it -same. A very cute add-on to be sure, but your mileage may vary depending on your personal tastes.

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