Hunt Showdown PS4 Xbox One Cross

It is currently one of the most important functions for us, says Crytek.

After a long and eventful development cycle, Crytek’s hunt has finally launched the marketdown last year, when it came out in August for the Xbox One and the PC. This was followed by a PS4 publication less than a month ago. In a game that focuses on multiplayer and PVP, CrossSplay is usually something that developers are rather focusing – and that also applies to hunt: showdown too.

Crytek has told a while that the cross-play between the console versions of the game for you has priority, and recently in an AMA meeting on Reddit you have repeated this again. In response to the question of when the game is to become cross-play, Crytek said that this was one of the most important functions to work on, and that it is just before the publication. Apparently, CrossSplay will be activated in a few weeks.

Currently, a CrossSplay works between XBOX and PS4 users, and we want to provide this as soon as possible for the console community, the developers write. We talk here for weeks, as it looks! It is currently one of the most important features for us to support the console, in addition to optimizing the delay of controller inputs and the crash corrections.

Hunt: Showdown is now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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