Bravely Default II will soon arrive at PC through Steam and it already has trailer

Maybe you are one of the players who did not do with Bravely Default II because this video game so far was only available in Nintendo Switch, and not PC. The wait has been long, but now is time to immerse yourself in this Square Enix title in front of your 4K monitor or with your optimized configurations, because Bravely Default II arrives on September 2 to PC.

As for the platform to which the game will arrive, a subject sensitive issue thanks to the wide range of platforms and digital stores with exclusive treatment to various games, finally it will be Steam who will receive this title so far exclusive by Nintendo Switch. As it is normal, you can visit the Steam page in this direction to take a look at what this new version of Square Enix J-RPG offers.

Bravely Default is a Square Enix license known for its difficulty, and for being a turns role game that recalls something at the Fantasy Fantasy of the Old School. In addition to this, the Brave and Default system will allow you to steal turns to the future to streamline certain battles against weak enemies, while adding an extra layer of difficulty against higher enemies.

In this version, you play as four heroes (Seth, Gloria, Elvis and Adele) in a new adventure full of turns and turns whose main objective is to return the crystals to the place that corresponds to them. As we have already mentioned, this is a perfect opportunity to discover or rediscover the concept of Brave or Default that will be necessary to dominate to defeat the most powerful enemies of the Excilrant continent, which little by little is darkening as a result of the bound problems to the crystals that handle the natural elements.

In case you want a complete opinion about this third delivery of the license, we invite you to consult our analysis.

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