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The Story of Light is the 6th workshop album by South Korean child group Shinee. It contains 3 EPs that were later on gathered together in the repackage album, The Tale of Light: Epilogue. This cd launch notes the team’s very first in South Korea given that 1 of 1 in November 2016, as well as the very first given that participant Jonghyun’s death in December 2017 and is the last Shinee release to feature Jonghyun following his fatality.

Square Enix has announced that Blabry Default II (Bravely Default II) PC version will be released at STEAM from September 3, Japan.

This work is a royal road RPG depicting a story by four new light warriors, on the stage of the Exirant continent with five countries. GAME * SPARK has a play report of the Nintendose switch version of this work.

Turn-based command battle and job & ability combine, in addition to the royal road’s battle system, controlling the turn by breaking the turn by breaking (forefront of turn) and the default (piggy bank of turn), a series of innovative and strategic battles It is a work that can be enjoyed.

Crystal Crystal

Tuesday, water, wind, soiling of soils, people’s hand

When I release it, the power is a disaster

Light Vs Dark - The True Meaning behind it

However, further disaster will come to visit

-Muse country four-line poetry

4 people who were guided and encountered to fate are

A trip to fulfill its mission and purpose.

Bravely series fully new

New Light Warriors Story

New four people to the new world-

Bravely Default II is a 7,480 yen prices during reservation purchase at STeam Store. We carry out release sale for a limited time from August 27 (Fri) to September 14 (Tuesday) and can be purchased for 10% off 6,732 yen.

In addition, the STEAM version is compatible with Japanese interfaces, subtitles and full audio.

Bravely Default II Official Guidebook (SE-MOOK)
¥ 2,500



Bravely Default II Original Soundtrack (Normal Edition) (No Benefits)
¥ 3,850