How to find all treasure search items in Psychonauts 2

Once you arrive at the MotherLobe at psychonauts 2 , you will quickly receive one of the larger secondary missions of the game and a callback to the original: the Treasury search. Or, as Norma likes to call him, the hunting of assets of mission psychonauts critical .

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The Scavenger Hunt will send you through the four areas of the real world of Psychonauts 2. You will not find any of the elements of Scavenger Hunt on any of the levels of the brain, but they already have enough, so that is not bad.

The four central worlds, MotherLobe, Quarry, Questionable Area and Green Needle Gulch, have some of the elements of Scavenger Hunt in them, and you will not be able to collect them all until later in the game once you have unlocked them all. of the powers. You can not exchange the items until you have completed the game. .

Psychonauts 2- How to start treasure search

After getting your new outfit, you will meet with rule in the hallway, where Raz will face it. This conversation not optional give you the secondary mission to collect 16 different items to recover your old clothes . Making the secondary mission will allow you to change the raz clothing in the MotherLobe baths. That includes the costume and the circus attire, too …